Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken with Roasted Peppers over Bulgur Pilaf

Last night when Corey got home from work, he found me roasting peppers on our gas stove
And putting them in a paper bag so the skins would come off
I think he thought I'd lost it.  He said he'd never seen anyone do that before.
Yesterday I was really tempted to make something I'd just recently made (see chicken soup, deconstructed post).  I don't usually cook the same thing only a couple of weeks apart, but it was so good...
I was, however, inspired by yesterday's post to cook with something from the list of the 30 healthiest foods.
Then I thought a bulgur pilaf sounded good, and I went to Whole Foods and got 2 whole chicken legs for a little over $2.00.  So I made roasted chicken, and had it with roasted peppers and tomato, over a bed of bulgur pilaf.
Here's what I did:
First, I roasted the peppers (see above).  I used 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 poblano. Once they were cooled inside the bag, I removed the skins and seeds, and chopped.  I put the peppers in a bowl, and added a tomato that I also peeled, seeded and chopped.
Next, I made the bulgur pilaf.  I sauteed some finely chopped onion in a little olive oil, and then added 1/2C bulgur and stirred until it was toasted.  Then I added about 1/2C chicken broth with 1/4C water and left it to simmer while I made the chicken.
I brushed the chicken with some olive oil, and then sprinkled with coarse sea salt and pepper.  I heated a saute pan over medium high heat and then added the chicken, and cooked until golden brown on each side.
While the chicken was cooking, I cooked the vegetables.  I melted a little butter in a smaller saute pan, and then added a sliced onion, and cooked it until soft.  Then I added a minced clove of garlic and 1/2t paprika and cooked for a minute.  Next, I added the peppers and tomato to the pan, and some chicken broth, about 6oz.
By this time the chicken was all browned, so I put the pan in the oven at 400 to roast while the vegetables simmered, for about 5 minutes.
When everything was done, I put the bulgur on a plate with a little well in the middle, spooned the peppers and tomato into the well with some sauce, and added the chicken on top.
Here's a photo of the finished product:
It was very good.  I loved the texture and the nuttiness of the bulgur with the sweet roasted peppers, and the poblano added a small amount of heat.  The chicken was perfectly crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside.  It was a nice warming winter dish, while still being healthy.

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